Best way to clean DJM-800?
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    Default Best way to clean DJM-800?

    Hi all, recently picked up a second-hand DJM-800 Mixer.

    Got a good deal, for the most part, everything's good but my "harmonic" fx button is a bit jam(no click when i press it) and my "cue" button for channel 1 is mildly like that. How would I fix this? Do I have to buy a new button? or can I somehow clean it out?

    I'm a bit afraid to open up the mixer because that's askin for trouble ;P

    and last question is how do i change out the knobs? the rubber grips are worn on 2 of the knobs, i found replacements but un-sure of how to change them out.

    thx all!

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    Its not terribly hard to take apart. But you can always take it to someone who works on mixers. I replaced my fader board once and it wasn't really that hard. Pop all the knobs off and take screws off. If you take the face plate off you should be able to get a fair amount of junk off. You may need to take it apart further, but at least the face plate is fairly easy.

    Just pull up on the knobs, if they are jam put something plastic and thin under them to pop them off, or alternatively use a butter knife and put duct tape on the end to get under, the duct tape prevents scratches on the mixer faceplate.
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