Rekordbox on Mobile Phone?
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    Default Rekordbox on Mobile Phone?

    I've recently upgraded to CDJ-900s and really have been impressed with rekordbox to sort and find tracks by bpm, key, label, release date, etc... Basically I just use it as a big ID3 tag organizer.

    I mostly use USB but still often do CD sets when I'm playing on 1000mk3s and even sometimes 800, 850, 400 etc. (which of course aren't rekordbox compatible). I'm tired of having to drag my old laptop around and getting it banged up and spilled on so I was hoping to be able to have/sort through my rekordbox info on my droid.

    I know there isn't an app put for it yet but do any tech savvy djs know if there is a way to export library in .xml or some type of text file and then use an app to access and search my library online (with or without the actual .wav on the phone)?

    Hope that makes sense... Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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    There is no way currently to accomplish that. Why would you want to search in the library anyways while you don't even have access to the tracks. — the new DJ community

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