Could anyone explain the reverb?
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    Default Could anyone explain the reverb?

    I've been listening to porter robinson's shows lately.. the guy is crazy, i love his transitions, there's always shitloads of energy in his shows, never been to one, but i would love to.

    What i notice is that he uses the reverb a fucking lot, and that's probably the trick in his transitions...could anyone explain me what the reverb does? Like..where should i use it, where not..etc...

    Check out this show:

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    Reverb emulates the sound of something being played in a large room, or a specific setting like that. It adds a sort-of 'space' to the sound, and adds a tailed decay to the sound. it's good for buildups, as it allows the songs spaceyness to melt into a loud whitenoise, i usually couple it with a filter or a delay when i use it in my transitions!

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    I see, how will this be useful in transitions? it cuts of basslines? just wondeirng..

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    doesn't cut basslines, but as Pete was saying, accompanied by a filter or delay/freeze you can get that ambient trail/crash noise to play the next track into. It matters how you want to use it.
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