The best advice no one listens too (production)
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    Default The best advice no one listens too (production) your manuals.

    This is especially true for production hardware/software. I can't count how many times i've tried to find instant gratification tips or threads on production that would make the learning curve easier. The truth is the very first thing you should do when buying any new piece of gear or software, is take it out of the box get it all setup and crack open that manual and follow along. After owning Komplete 8 since August i'm just now reading the manuals and man did I waste a lot of time just messing around having no clue as to what i'm actually doing.

    Tonight I went through the Battery 3 manual (took about 1-2 hours) and the program makes way more sense I'm confident that I could go make awesome drums now and not just rely on stock settings.

    In conclusion, read the manuals.

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    Agreed! I bought the download edition of Ableton Live but realized I still needed the hard copy manual. Reading PDF as reference wasn't as easy as having a physical book open when messing with the software. They were really cool and sent it to me for free. Thanks Ableton!

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    Agreed. Whole-heartedly.

    Want to know something awesome about Maschine? It gives you a single oscillator VA synth. Technically, it gives you 128 of them. I haven't seen anyone point that out.

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