Having Serious Problems with Traktor. Please Help!
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    Default Having Serious Problems with Traktor. Please Help!

    Hey community, for the past few months I've been struggling to get traktor to work on my new alien-ware m14x. I have never used traktor before so im not sure what im doing wrong. Maybe you could help me out?

    My Setup:
    alienware 14x i7, 4 gb ram, 500 gig 7200 rpm hard drive.
    1 Denon Dn-s3700 running in CD mode.
    1 Denon Dn-x1600 mixer running as my audio interface.
    1 Numark Ndx-400.

    Im running on traktor scratch pro 2 using timecode Cd's, as far as I can tell, I have everything set up correctly and all settings are what the manual and tutorials have said they should be.

    Ok so here are the problems:

    1. I experience extreme sticker drift and skipping when playing music.
    2. Traktor has fatal errors and shuts down every time I try to open up the settings menu under the audio setup tab of preferences. This means I cant adjust my latency settings at all. Its odd because this only happens when im using the denon audio drivers, witch leads me to think that this is a driver problem.
    3. when I try to calibrate my time-code, tracktor wont recognize the timecode signal coming from my Numark CDJ. Ive tried replacing cables and timecode CD's plus using a different channel on the mixer but nothing seems to work. When I play the timecode I can see the signal coming through and the circle looks normal but its all greyed out.
    4. my service center application crashes randomly.
    What ive done to try and fix the problem so far:
    1. Ive reinstalled traktor and the service center multiple times from both the CD and the NI website.
    2. Ive reinstalled all the necessary drivers.
    3. by plugging the RCA cables cumming from my denon CDJ into the inputs that the numark is supost to be in, this way I trick traktor somehow and it will then accept the timecode signal coming from my numark once I put them back into the mixer. The problem is I then cant calibrate the signal coming from the Numark.
    4. ive messed around with some of the BIO's settings on my computer to make it better suited for music production.
    5. I downloaded better audio driver for my computer.

    If you guys have any recommendation on how I could fix this please help!
    Thanks so much.

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    What's you're latency set at? Try raising and see if that helps. Not sure about the crashing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post

    Close Traktor.

    In your Native Instruments>Traktor folder. There is a file Traktorsettings.tsi

    Back it up (copy and paste it to the desktop) and then trash the one in the folder.

    Start Traktor. If it opens immediately your settings.tsi was corrupt. You will have to re-do your layouts and favourites.

    If that doesnt work, close Traktor and reinstate the back up from the desktop.
    Do you get a crash report? You can send it along to NI and see if they can help.

    Maybe try some of the Windows tuning tips.


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    I cant change the latency because it crashes every time I try. And thanks for the crash log advice, ill try it.
    -I have already been through the windows tuning tips, none helped.

    Thanks though.

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