Nicky Romero @ Glow Washington 12.30.11 (PART 1)

Check out Nicky romero's latest mix.. I'm gonna list you times where he does crazy transitions....i wanna know which effects do you guys think he uses, i wanna recreate some of them myself..

15:40-15:53, something like a delay with freeze effect, but then he has like 2 lazers after it, i don't know how he pulled it.
23:23-23:30, he echo freezes it but there's something that kinda distorts the sound (like a small speed up) this too, i don't know what it is.
47:50-48:02 what delay is that? t3delay?

It's funny how you find how certain dj's love an effect, nicky seems to like delay alot, and porter robinson is a reverb whore.