Using a external HD to store music
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    Default Using a external HD to store music

    So ive been retagging and Keying all my tracks so i can sort through them on the fly while I play my sets. Im using smart playlists through itunes and I would like to use itunes as my base for organizing my tracks.

    My question is, I noticed a lot of people keep their music on a seperate external hard drive so that the cpu doesnt have to process all the data. How would I go about doing this so that it loads in itunes properly when i plug my harddrive in and get rdy to play a set?

    Is this something you guys do? or do you just leave all your music on your hard drive? I know an SSD would be a great solution but I dont want to spend all that money right now.


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    Keeping media in an external drive doesn't save the CPU any load. The main reason to do so is for increased storage capacity if you have a small internal drive, second would be portability.

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