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    Euro-cheese warning! I still like the shit. I dont care what anybody has to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post
    Just Added you bro.

    Yeah D&B is starting to spring up again in UK at the moment. Dubstep totally took over some time back but theres some decent D&B coming thru just now.
    Im really selective about the D&B i like. I used to buy quite a bit but theres just no-one DJing it in my area these days which is a shame as there was a good scene once over.

    Hope your gig goes well, sounds like its gonna be sweet.
    chur bruv i hope so too, we have the v8s racing in town so lil hamiltons gonna be at its busiest for the whole year. fingers crossed that doesnt mean we get ten thousand dickheads down there
    Quote Originally Posted by dripstep View Post
    Kaon, none of that has to do with drum and bass.

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    The new album of Tom Zé, Estudando a Bossa, from the beggining to the end, i can't find nothing more sunny than this among the things i've been listening to in this year.
    There is also a pair of spanish musicians, Zappa devotes, that makes the best played and unclassifiable pop styles I ever head, they are Caballero Reynaldo and Malcolm Scarpa, they make an album together two years ago changing totally the arrangements of some old Malcolm's songs called Hispano-Olivetti, remembering those 70's typewriters, that has been in continuous play the last two days. If you are a curious listener you will enjoy it a lot. let me know
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    this spring i am spinning theese two older pieces like madman. if you likey DnB
    DJ Blofeld - The Evil Genius
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    well if you want some hip hop will smith-summer time, song goes well at bbqs and outside parties.

    also ice cube-today was a good day.

    but i don't know if you would use them, but good songs none the less.
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    one of my favourite tracks..... graham & blade "funky summer" check it out...

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    My today tops

    Michael Jackson - Billie Jean \o/

    Cytric - Filthy Beats
    Chab - Closer to me (Hernan Cattaneo mix)
    Christian Burkhardt - Doubledub \ooo/

    All the time summer tunes
    James Holden - A Break In the Clouds (Main Mix)
    Andrew Kelly - She Thinks She's Underground (Original Mix)
    Schiller - Das Glockenspiel
    Sedative and Sonorone - Untouchable <3 my friends production, really really nice..
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    This one's vibe just reminds me of summer.

    Ring that bell baby!

    The blood sisters version is pretty cool too.

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    summer tracks...summer appears to be a little late in texas. but, there have been a few bbq lazy days. and for those days by the poolside, here is a little sound to add to your mojitos:

    sergio mendes & brazil 66 : mas que nad
    stevie wonder : my cherie amour
    troubleman : paz
    trusme : browns
    a tribe called quest : electric relaxation
    thievery corporation : lebanese blonde
    husky rescue : summertime cowboy
    tosca : honey (original)
    prince fatty : milk and honey
    andrea true connection : more, more, more
    common : i used to love her
    and of course: "drums please.." dj jazzy jeff & fresh prince : summertime

    basically, some classic soul sounding boom bap, some electronic bossa nova, a splash of dub, latin percussion and you have yourself a summertime fun in the sun soundtrack. hot enough to keep them clothes light.

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    How could we forget about:
    Sinatra - Girl from Ipanema
    and I've just found a very nice:
    Santogold - Your Voice and maybe the new Justice Remix Let Love Rule - Lenny Kravitz

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