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    Hey guys I'm lookin to get a new amp for some passive speakers I have and want some advice.

    Current Set up:
    2x Peavey PV115 - 8ohms 400Program/800Peak
    1x Peavey PV118 - 8ohms 400Program/800Peak
    2x Crown XLS202 - 200W Stereo/ 600W Mono

    I originally got the two Crown amps to run mono for the PV115s where I would have enough power to get good volume but couldnt hurt them with the Crown amps blastin.
    Then I got the sub and have been runing that with one amp and another running the PV115s in stereo.

    And now i need MORE POWER... should i go with another xls202(around $175 used), crown xls1000(215Wstereo/700Wmono $299), or crown xls1500(300Wstereo/1050Wmono $399)

    i guess u could say im partial to crown amps cuz they run like champs, but im open to other suggestions

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    no opinions from anyone?

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