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    Default Copy playlist from Traktor to folder


    To keep things short, my Traktor Audio 10 is broken and i've got a Traktor Audio 8 as a backup, but it doesn't always work as it should.

    So tonight I have a gig and I'm planning on taking a backup USB stick with me so i can plug it in the CDJ2000's if anything goes wrong with my Traktor set-up.

    Now I have made a playlist in Traktor and I want to copy the tracks from this playlist to my USB stick, but Traktor won't copy them...

    Is there any way to copy the tracks as a batch to a folder? Otherwise I have to copy them 1 by 1...

    Thanks in advance!

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    right click the playlist, select "export playlist", and open it in itunes. Then you can drag n drop all files from there into a folder (mac), or something like that for the windows platform.

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    Workin' on a Mac and it worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!

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    I know you did it already but if you open your playlist, you can just drag the tracks over out of traktor to a folder on the desktop. At least i know that works in windows which I found out by accident, I had a friend ask me for tracks by a certain artist and I have files all over the place in different folders. I just searched the artist in traktor and clicked on the files and dragged them right out into YIM to send out and it worked, a pleasant surprise.

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