So I am finally getting around to organizing my entire hard drive on my desktop and then bringing everything over to my new laptop.

Both are running windows 7 and i need help from the windows users out there.

Here are my issues, I started using ableton a while ago but just recently starting gridding and re-editing recnetly....which throws .asd files everywhere.

1. Will ableton act like itunes and need me to locate each .asd file or can I just move them all to a single folder and then move that folder from desktop to laptop without losing the clip settings?

2. I have just read about trainspotter and am very interested in it, I may be moving from traktor to serato in the near future but I need a way to organize my tunes easily, will trainspotter still be ideal for a new serato user?

3. Will trainspotter nullify the need to have a "music" folder organized by either artist, genre, and date of purchase folders?

This may be a little vague and hopefully I get some good feedback, I don't want to jump into this massive re-organization only to realize I have to start over again.

Tips on what you have done would be more than appreciated.