Silent Auction for Grandmasta Roc Raida's Mixers
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    Default Silent Auction for Grandmasta Roc Raida's Mixers

    Christie Z from Tools Of War & DMC posted this on other forums on her facebook page yesterday.


    Silent Auction of Grand Master Roc Raida's Personal Mixers & Items. Do not post your bids here - please send your bid offer to Be Sure to Indicate Which Mixer you are Bidding on When you Write

    You can post questions and comments - of course - under the pictures here; Silent Auction ends March 12, 2012 and anything left moves to E-Bay. All proceeds from sales benefit the family of Grand Master Roc Raida. Thank you for supporting.

    Background info: Fatfingaz suggested a silent auction instead of going straight to E-Bay. DJ Cash Money agreed that this was the right thing to do. It is Tyeasha's hope that the mixers would be purchased by people who knew Raida well and who would cherish these items. Roc Raida's finger prints will not be cleaned off the mixers.

    More items to be posted as Tye goes through the items in storage.
    Thanks to DJ Ty Handswell for taking these photos.

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    so sick man... I would love to own one of these!

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    Aw, man. That PMX-2 has been through som serious shit...

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