Using iTunes for burning CDs
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    Default Using iTunes for burning CDs

    Since my Audio 10 crapped out, I thought I'd burn some CDs and pop over to my mate's place during the week to play with his CDJs. So I thought I'd use iTunes to make playlists and burn the CDs.

    iTunes decided to duplicate my entire music collection in a folder of it's own (located inside my music folder), which caused Traktor to import all these duplicates and leaving me with a huge headache.

    So I wonder, do you use iTunes for burning CDs, together with a Traktor collection, and is there a way to tell iTunes to stop messing with the actual files (and just allow me to organize them and put them in playlists)?
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    Yes -

    in preferences --> Advanced Tab --> uncheck copy to itunes media folder when adding to library --> uncheck "keep iTunes media folder organized."

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