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Hey guys,

I wonder how you all deal with playing longer sets of over 2 hours?

Generally if I try to make a playlist then I get to an hour and then I'm stuck. Then i just start adding filler tracks every other song to make time. I also get stuck into the problem that "shit i already played a song by X so I can't play another one by X for at least an hour". You can tell the filler tracks cos the vibe does die a bit.

Any tips on how to deal with this?

Here is an example of how I feel like organising a 3 hour set starting at 3am:

Start with Swedish House Mafia 'One' including the intro bit. Seems to punctuate from the previous DJ well and sets the vibe quite well. Then basically I want to run an hour with this but can't go too far hardcore house because it's too confusing for the crowd and boring for me. But don't want to go too more pop because the crown have already been listening to that 2-3 hours ago and again too boring for me.

Then I want to do an hour quite well summed up by Dizee Rascal 'Bonkers'. Something where the synth stuff is getting quite aggressive but it's still pop.

Then I want to do an hour of Skrillex but if course don't actually want to play Skrillex for an hour.

Then an hour spare of ? Getting into DnB means a whole new search of music for me.

Any tips?

I don't even know how I would deal with playing a whole club night of 6-8 hours. Maybe could do an hour of real pop-pop, and a (friendly?) hiphop hour. But still feel like clutching at straws a bit. Maybe put on a deadmau5 mix for an hour in the middle and go have a nap?
All I ever play are 4-5hr. Be it mobile gigs or guest spots at clubs or my current residency.

The key is to know your library. Also planning sets is pretty much futile in what I do. Between flowing with the crowd AKA reading the crowd, which seems to be a lost art with the newer DJs, and taking request, you pretty much blow your set right there. I typically have a playlist/crate (depending on which software you use) of 9hrs worth of songs that I know will be good for the venue I am playing it. IF its an electro club it will be composed of electro/dubstep type music. At my residency, its open format, so I will have Top40, Dance Electro, 80's hip-hop in there. Even though I will do 4-5hr sets, I have more than that so, again, I can free flow.

Never be afraid of playing old crowd favorites
I know a lot of DJs don't like taking request. However, it is a good gauge of what the crowd is feeling that night. If I get a handful request for hip-hop, guess what, more than likely hip-hop is the flavor of the night. So I will thrown in a few and see how the crowd reacts.

Learn and grow your library
Read the crowd and play accordingly
Don't be afraid to entertain requests'