Good Morning Chaps and Chappettes,

A good friend of mine has been hosting a weekly 2 hour radio show on a semi-established online station for the last couple of years.His current radio station is online but it is not a home brew effort and they have a professional studio, offices, a solid audience and a advertisers. The problem is that the station is local in so much as it targets the UK county that it's based in. Through the day they play horrific chart music and golden oldies and have phone in programs discussing such scintillating subjects as "are the bus prices too high?" In the evening they turn the station over to more specialist music and cover rock, punk, alternative, electronic etc.

His show is a mix of hip hop, dubstep, breaks. techno and D&B. He is NOT a DJ in the sense of mixing. He introduces records, chats, and comments and sometimes brings guests in - imagine Pete Tong with no filter and half the charm. I say half, he's one of the few people I know that can make me laugh like a stupid school girl.

The current radio station are pressuring him to change his format to make it more commercial and drop guest Dj mixes altogether to make room for more ads. He's had enough and is looking for a new home. He's already had 101 offers from other online stations but they are generally from home-brew set ups which are on and off the air and have a no serious listener base.

I would like to help him find a new station that has their act together and more importantly, a solid audience. So what are his options? If any of you are involved with stations and want to find out more - hit me up. I can send you some links and podcasts, I am just not going to share the station name etc on here for obvious reasons.

Thanks in advance for any info.