......and for those in the UK, I'm not talking about Kerry Katona's natural habitat, I'm talking about the country!

Sorry for the slightly OT!

I'm heading there (Reykjavik mainly as we have an apartment rented) Monday for the week with my GF for 7 days and just wondering if anyone can recommend any good nights that they may be involved in our just good places for drinks, clubbing, after parties etc?

Also, so far I have had so many "horror" stories about people spending 30 for a burger and chips and 12 for a beer but they seem to get more and more exaggerated as time goes on, whats the dealio? Is it really that bad?

Last question, we want to see the Aurora/ northern lights somewhere too, any good recommendations? Or will it be "open front door, walk out front door, look up!"?

Any other good tips welcome!