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    Default What is the name of the song in this video? Please help! It's the beginning electro

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonarious View Post
    We all have those moments where we hear an awesome song in a set, on a video or elsewhere. We want to get this song, but the DJ forgot to include a track listing. Either selfish or just stupid; this is a terrible way of supporting the artists they used in their set.

    So let's make up for their mistakes! If you have a set that you love, but don't know the names of, post it here and perhaps we can help each other (and get to know some great new music in the process!).

    I've confined this topic to the electronic genre, which means I'd appreciate it if only deep house / house / tech house / techno / deep techno and everything closely related to these genres will come here. That way we can keep the dubbedydubsteppers etc. out who will probably not know our songs anyway, nor appreciate them.

    So when you post:
    1) Post the genre
    2) Post a direct link to the song, or describe it in detail (e.g.: the lyrics say: ''funky shit inside my brain, I couldn't explain, couldn't explain''

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    Default Track ID?

    Hey guys I desperately need help identifying this track!! Can anyone help me??

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    Ok, I actually know the name of the track BUT can't freakin find WHERE to buy it ( it doesn't even exist illegally and anyway tracks don't cost a fortune either unless it's DA rare gem ).
    Does anyone know how/where could I acquire that track? For now, I cut it out Umek's mix with Audacity ( almost killed myself while doing so even cutting regions is not straightforward with Audacity -_- )

    1) Genre: Tech-House
    2) Plays at 21:27 in this mix (Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Advent Mix) [Promo] )

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Skrillex @ Webster Hall W/ Boys Noize 08-05-2017

    song on on first video of this post

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    Boys Noize & Pilo - Cerebral (original mix)
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    Unfortunately I don't have any video, but I'm looking for track, its house music with uk bass. There is smh like: "from the day to the night, from the night to the day" for the whole length of the song. There are a lot womans in underwear dancing around pool.
    I've seen that track while training in PureGym, last week.

    Anyway: SoundHound is a great way to find most of the track, when Shazam do mistake (quite often) or when it could not find song.

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