Hi there,

Hunted these forums and cant find an answer anywhere so hopefully someone can help.

Ive had maschine since xmas and used it regularly with traktor pro 2 and an x1, syncing it with the midi clock in traktor with a clock midi setup to output to traktor virtual output and all has been well.

I've upgraded Traktor pro 2 to Scratch 2(s4 upgrade kit just to practise beatmatching again as i dont want to get rusty) and since then I cant seem to get maschine to sync properly even in internal mixing mode. At first maschine will sync to the first song playing and be okay then when the master switches to the next song playing, the tempo of the maschine starts going mad and rises and drops as if it cant find the tempo being sent.

The setup I go for is 3 decks using two X1's and maschine as a stand alone for extra beats/snares etc.

My set up is maschine mikro version 1.7.2, Traktor Scratch 2.1.1, Mac running Lion 10.6.8, processor 2.2GHz intel core 2 Duo, 2GB memory.

Hopefully has a solution or l'll need to uninstall scratch.