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    Hey! I've got a Question for any ableton Ninjas! Navigating Ableton's screen without the computer keyboard shortcuts! is there a trick to do this?

    I'm Djing w Live (I use a Launchpad, MPD24 & Twitch) and I use the "scrub" function and assign loops quite alot with a few encoders.

    Whats bugging me is that I often need to switch from Track View to Clip View quickly in order to have access to the clips and jump around and jam live with them.

    There is a great button on the APC40 for this... but i don't think there is any midi parameter in the standard software.

    At the moment I'm reaching over to the Laptop and hitting Shift+Tab ALOT...
    and i would prefer not to do that.

    Really hoping there is someone out there with tricks ... I know Live is about as deep as your coding skills, I dont have M4L and I'm not that good with all that backdoor stuff but willing to follow any instructions to the letter!


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    If you are on a Mac you can use "Midistroke" - its a Midi to keystroke emulator... set the Midi note number in the program and it'll emulate any number of keystrokes you like (or even chain them).

    I use it with my APC to assign Quantize Sizes instead of Scene Launches and master select to browser on/off and loop in/out to include a default quantize size...

    I'm sure theres a Win program which will do the same thing as well.

    Hope that helps
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