Played on CDJs for the first time yesterday
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    Default Played on CDJs for the first time yesterday

    Was over at my mates place yesterday and played with his CDJ-800s (mk1), and I've got to say, it was an interesting feeling. Obviously, beatmatching is more difficult without any visual cues, but I mostly stuck to 140bpm Dubstep, so it wasn't a complete trainwreck.

    What I did feel was that it was a bit more "liberating" than playing with Traktor, in Traktor I seem to over-analyze my track selection (having most of my tracks tagged, sorted and whatnot), and when I didn't even have the song title on the CDJ, it was a lot easier to just press "next", see if it sounded good and go with it.

    Still, I'll probably stick with TSP2, CDJs were nice, but they're a tad bit pricey (of course, when my A10 craps out, as its done now, it would be nice to have something to play digital files with).
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    I find cdj's easier to mix without visuals........800's platters feel nice too!

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    It's another way of mixing. I learned DJing with cds, bought a digital setup for myself but in the end I end up missing something: actually listening to the music. Now I'm using TTs with good ol' vinyl and I don't miss the visuals at all. I can safely say that I'm enjoying the music more than ever.

    So it's all about preference
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