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    hi,i have a recorded mix on ableton that i have to have finished by the end of today or tommorow.i just got ableton and dont know really how to use it properly yet.i need to do a simple master of the mix iv'e recorded.any tips to help me get this done?what effects should i use?how do i get it so one track is not louder than the other?

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    Making it so the tracks are about the same level is something you should have done while recording. The answer is volume automation (RTFM or google/youtube it), but it's a lot easier to have just done it right while you were recording.

    Apart from that, turn off dithering and normalization, throw Ableton's limiter on the master, and play with its input gain so the loudest moment in your mix gets at most 2-3 dB of limiting. If you don't have good monitors in a good room or don't know what this means, read about it and aim for 1-2dB of limiting tops.

    If there are specific problems, EQ it, but it's probably not necessary. If you can hear the noise floor of your mixer, I prefer the sound of very light parallel reverb (on a send) to noise, but that's a personal thing and might not be something you or your friend can hear.

    And remember, less is more. If you recorded correctly, you don't need to do much.

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