What cables and what length ?????
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    Default What cables and what length ?????

    Hi just hoping somebody could point me in the direction of a good quality usb cable been looking for a while now and there doesnt seem to be anything about in the uk...also in the market for ne rca/phono cable been looking at the QED QUNEX but unsure on what length to buy ?????

    Any tips or recommendations would be great or feedback on you own cables..
    Cheers guys.

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    in terms of the usb Cable:

    as short as possible that fits your setup.
    I prefer Belkin Pro Series - have never had a problem and the build quality is great. I think they even have a lifetime guarantee on the pro series.

    My USB Cable from my Laptop to my HP Notebook: CU1000AED03, which is a 0,9 Meter Belkin PRO USB Cable.

    Hope this helps

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    If your on Mac (or pc to be honest) the best USB cable to buy is Apples own. It is the snuggest , best fitting USB cable ive got. Even the cable that comes with NIs Audio 8 wobbles. Most USB cables wobble. I hate USB cables.
    Short as possible for what you need but remember if you gig in a new place you may need a longer cable depending on the booth.

    Whats it for???

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    Im useing a pc just wanna upgrade cause mines looking a bit tired,but there doesnt seem to be much choice,ive got a long for which i carry for emergencys,i know what you mean by fit think all usb wobble..

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    I've struggled trying to find ones with the ferrite (sp?) (as mentioned in the recent article) or any that looked a cut above the norm.

    Anyone in the UK know of a good source?

    RCA/phono leads I'd go for XLO or Chord. XLO are quite hard to find in the UK though.
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