Techno this time...

This is my first mix since joining up here. Literally just finished it, not timestamped correctly or anything though.

Gear used:

2 x CDJ 350
1 x DJM 800
1 x Sennheiser HD25 1-II
1 x PC running Traktor 2 (For selecting tunes only. No Sync, hence the dodgy mix in the middle, lol. Music output to DJM via CDJ's).

First go with Traktor, having done my last mix with Virtual DJ 7. Think I prefer VDJ though.

Anyway, this one was a Techno mix, last one was Psy-Trance, and before that usually Tech / Progressive. Only just started into this scene again after a 7 year leave, so still a little rusty.

Here is my mixcloud if you want to hear more :

You can tell I'm still getting used to the gear / music though in some of the older ones.