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    I am on version 3.4 and have gone through the manuel and watched Ean's tutorial on how to set beatgrids. I have a track by Maarten Hercules-Shine A Light (Orig) and can't seem to set an accurate beatgrid. (Which seems essential in beatmatching this track). I am assuming that the track was recorded from vinyl because there is no tempo changes but drifts. The manuel states that in this circumstance, "It is recommended to establish several GRIDMARKER during the track." I was successful in creating an initial beatgrid/"gridmarker" that allowed be to set a 8 beat loop in the intro of the track. However, when I went to set a beatgrid for the outro, any adjustments to align the hash marks on the beats interfered with the first beatgrid's positioning...HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks!

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    You need to change the BPM, not move the grid. I am assuming the button you are pressing is moving the whole grid. What you should do is look at the beatmarker you set while hitting the left/right buttons. The MARKER should not move anywhere. The hash marks should move.

    This is talked about a LOT of this forum. I think I've explained it about 10 times. Please do a beatgrid search.
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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