Very First All-Out Full-Fledged Dubstep Track! Let Me Know What You Think!
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    Question Very First All-Out Full-Fledged Dubstep Track! Let Me Know What You Think!

    First all-out full-fledged dubstep track:

    This is my first full instrumental track meant to stand alone as it is (as opposed to beats which are lacking the final vocal track); has quite a bit of variation and effects and the song itself is split into 4 sections: Intro, Verse 1 (Reptar), Bridge, Verse 2 (Thorg). I know dubstep can be an iffy genre with people but I wanted to try it out because it is pretty technical from a production standpoint so it allowed me to explore some of VSTs and effects a lot deeper than I usually do so let me know what you think!

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    sounds 8 bit

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    16 bit actually but close! I wanted to give it some nostalgia type synths to add to the nostalgia of the Retap/Rugrats theme!

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    the introduction was very good, then the wobbling synths came in and I cringed. maybe it's just because I have very high standards, but I also argue that dubstep fans also have high standards, because the genre has become so oversaturated, and the minimum level of production value has been pushed up. dont go for the sterotypical wobbling, and make those synths more interesting, add some kind of evolution in the texture of the sound. maybe I'm being too harsh. it's not bad, better than a lot of shit I hear around, but not professional level. also, the drums feel like they need some.. space.

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