will you guys help me win a spot at SXSW in Austin??
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    Default will you guys help me win a spot at SXSW in Austin??

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to win a contest that would let me perform at SXSW. I honestly don't have a lot of friends (not for lack of being a likable guy, I've just moved around a lot) and I don't normally participate in stuff like this. and I'm not asking you for money, you don't have to sign up for anything or like their page, and they don't ask for your info (some contest make you click the accept this application Facebook thing that lets them access your page, this one doesnt)

    So for a chance to play at SXSW, I need to get the most "likes" on this page.


    The truth is this is a popularity contest. I've been DJing for quite a while now and I work my ass off at it. some of that has paid off, and I'm resident at the best dance club in Dallas S4. (as voted by the readers of a local newspaper). I dedicate roughly 10 hours a week to practicing and playing. and I like to think that I do it because I f****** love music, and the reason I got into Djing was because I was sick of all these masturbatory DJ's who would play events where people wanted to dance, and they would keep playing crap tunes to satisfy their ego. but I certainly don't have the following to win this on my own.

    I know some of you might say this mix sucks. Which there are parts i like about it. and it does appeal to the wider audience. but If you are really into dance music, I really enjoy this one much more.: http://secretsquid.podomatic.com/pla...15_20_36-08_00

    I'm already at like 70+ which is AWESOME, but I think the highest I saw was in the low 200 range.


    trying to play at SXSW
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    click like!

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    thank you everyone who has clicked like!

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