Looking to get new speakers
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    Default Looking to get new speakers

    hey... looking to get a set of new speakers i have 300 to spend recomendations please?

    also whats the differance between active monitors and active pa speakers?

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    Monitors are designed to give a flat and truthful response, great for producing and listening to tunes the way the artist wanted them to be heard. PA stands for public address so i'm guessing the emphasis is on the biggest sound possible (this is a guess, correct me if i'm wrong anyone). I haven't tried many speakers around that price range, but you can get a pair of KRK Rokit RP5s for 250 quid and i'd highly reccomend them. They're small but louder than you'd ever need in your bedroom. They've struggled when i've tried to use them for small parties though. If you want bang for your buck I hear Mackie Thumps are pretty good, they're about 450 for a pair though, i've only ever experienced them as monitors in clubs so I can't really comment personally.

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