Mixer Buying Advice Needed! 61 vs T1!
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    Default Mixer Buying Advice Needed! 61 vs T1!

    I'm pretty certain on picking up the new Rane Sixty-One mixer next week. I have the Denon HC1000s and also a pair of dicers depending on my setup (CDJ's or Turntables). I use the SL3 box for Serato and do quite a bit of Video DJing. I'm just at the point of wanting to get a second mixer to use primarily with the CDJ's for gigging, whereas my Vestax PMC-05 Pro IV will go to just my turntables at home and for the gigs where I bring my decks out on occasion. I was thinking the 61 would be great, I can use it for Serato Video and it will be less of a hassle to not have to hook up the SL3 every time I go for a gig. I'm going to get a fairly decent price on the 61, but it's retail is 1399 US dollars which is fine but then while browsing I saw that the Pioneer DJM-T1 has dropped in price to $999 US dollars. This mixer seems to offer a lot more for $400 less and it can still control Video-SL and probably look better between my CDJ-850-K's. Only negative seems to be having to use the SL3 box still. Plus the T1 is Traktor certified (I've also picked up a Kontrol X1 when the Pro upgrade was free) and wouldn't mind having the option to dabble in Traktor even though I most likely would never use it primarily or even at a gig just like having the option.

    I've also never owned anything but Vestax mixers so no idea which I would like more just based on feel. Have used a 57 before at a few clubs but never any pioneer mixers. If anyone can chime in and offer any advice or opinions it would be greatly appreciated.

    Basically Rane 61 or Pioneer DJM-T1 with SL3 (and still have money leftover to pick up an S2 if I wanted), which would you choose and why?

    I've asked this on a couple of other forums, but have not been able to find anyone that actually owns the mixer. I know the Traktor users outweigh the other software here, so hopefully someone can chime in and help me out!

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    I would recommend sticking to which DVS you use most and take it from. If you Serato, then get the SixtyOne, if use Traktor, then get the T1. Personally, I rather have the most simplest setup when I gig, it also lessen the chances of forgetting something at home or at the gig. That being said, I do have multiple Traktor setups depending on the gig, S4, 2 X1s with an Audio8 and a Korg Zero4, but they all run on Traktor.
    Its always a waste of technology having the T1 and then connecting a SL3 to it. I never heard of anybody buying Audio8 to connect to their SL57, there's no logic to it. I hope this helps.
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