So I am at the point where I am ready for a new dj rig. For years I used a djm400, 1x cdj400, and a mpd24. I had two cdjs but one broke so I started traktor. And djing is far from something new to me. So I think I'm ready to invest in high endish gear.

No offence to any of you who use a 4 deck controller. It's not my thing really. Unless its a xone or vci. They kind of look like toys. Once again no offence. However I did like the twitch.

I am a hip hop, glitch slash party rocker. It's not anything uncommon for me to play something with tempo changes so I like the ability to track the song. Say with a cdj platter. As of late my other center has been going out so I've been using the mpd to nudge the music.... kind of finickey'. I like cue point mashing on the pads. I guess if I play like anyone it would be gaslamp killer.

Ok so down to the equipment. I'm avoiding wanting to grab a turntable again. I really like the cdj900. But buying a cdj for 1100$ for a controller. Um kind of stupid to think of. I like the livid controllers. But I really don't like living without a jog wheel I can scratch. If I keep the mpd, buy a new mixer like the new xone, or pioneer with traktor control. That would be cool but I would drop the scratching. What's hip-hop without that?

Basically I'm at a stand still before I invest. Should I buck up and switch styles just to grab one of those ohm or ctr:lr things. Or whatever the name it. I'm super hard on my gear so I want to pretty much head butt the hell out of it and only damage my brain.