So I was doing a bit for a bit, just starting out learning some skills (juggling, looping, etc.) And I'm getting ready to get back into it, but I sold my gear, and I'm not sure what to get started with. (I know, this has been asked a bajillion times, but everybody likes a personalized response, right?)

So my previous setup was super simple: LP+nanoKontrol with a custom map for TP2

This time I would like to work my way up to getting *paid* (I know that's at least half marketing in addition to musicianship and library...gotta work on library...) so I don't want dinky plastic gear, unless it's really a low low price for getting started (I paid like $100 total for brand new LP+nano before... can't find them for that cheap now, though)

So my question is: what is a basic controller that would be good to get started practicing *sets* (before I was doing like song performances) that will be 1) low cost 2) good price/quality ratio 3) will grow with me, or is cheap enough to be considered disposable

Like, is the S2 a steal here at $400, or should I rather look for whatever is available used locally (philadelphia) etc? (also have been thinking about getting an MPD for production, or *possibly* a maschine, not sure if that's as usable as a fighter, though...)

SORRY FOR THE LONG-WINDED-NESS! Thanks for reading, and THANKS for your advice!!