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    I've just picked up the Vestax 400 and I'm looking for a bag to take it to gigs.

    I just bought the UDG 22" trolley but it's a couple of inches too big in all directions so I'm going to take it back. Too much wasted space, and its a little over the hand luggage size allowance.

    Anyone know of any alternatives?


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    Not to sure on the VCI 400 dimensions, but maybe you could take a look at the UDG 21" backpack trolley? Its slightly smaller than the 22", so maybe its what you need.

    I have it and it fits everything I need. Its portable to carry as a backpack, and to use as a trolley for traveling. Its also airline friendly.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I tried that one and it literally just fits, but with no protection and its stretches the zips, so it could easily be damaged.

    If anyone else has one, it would be great to know what you use to take it to gigs.
    I might just have to wait for a dedicated bag.


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