16db vs. 24db EQ
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    Default 16db vs. 24db EQ

    So I saw a vintage Vestax PMC-50 on ebay and thought it was interesting that it had 16db step EQ's instead of the usual 24db. Is there any advantage or reason for this? What I found most interesting about this particular mixer is that the face plate can be replaced for the rotary model and pots can be used, which is what I would have done with it. The seller ended up taking it down and selling it to a friend.

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    It's just going to be less of a volume cut - you'll have a more gradual decrease in volume as you turn them down and when they're turned down all the way you're going to have more of that frequency coming through. It will be a bit more subtle than a 24db EQ in theory, but you'll also have less control over what you're cutting from your signal.

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