Checkout my custom APC-40 midi scripts plus DJ Template for Ableton
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    Default Checkout my custom APC-40 midi scripts plus DJ Template for Ableton

    Hi guys,

    for anyone who is interested I have decided to make available the custom APC-40 midi scripts and DJ Template I have been using for the past year or so.

    Link to Download:

    After months and months of hard work Version 1.0 of my DJ Template for the APC-40 and Ableton is finally available to download. Along with a master Ableton file I have created custom Python Midi Scripts that add a whole load of new functionality to the APC-40 including:

    1) Instant quantised looping with the arm buttons (/16, /8, /4, /2, 1, 2, 4, 8. Use with shift for added loop control.)
    2) Vertical 'Red Box' Scene scrolling with the Cue Knob to quickly navigate your livesets. (Use with shift to change tempo)
    3) Instant quantised FX with the scene launch buttons (/16, /8, /4, /2, 1. Use with shift to change the FX including Repeats, Repeat Roll, Gater, Beat Masher, Filter Roll)
    4) Maps the Device Control to a ton of cool FX (Including: Metalize, Filter Roll, Gater, Repeat Roll, Fade 2 Grey, Beat Masher)
    5) Maps the Track Control section to an additional EQ and FX rack (Including Low, Mid, High, Gain, Filter, LFO Filter, Reverb Trail, Fade 2 Red)
    6) All FX racks come with cutoff and modifier knobs for maximum control of FX.
    7) Use the Play button to reset the current tracks FX
    8) Use the Stop button to reset all the tracks FX
    9) Use Detail View to toggle from Loop mode to Cue mode. Cue mode allows you to change the functionality of the Cue Knob (Including: Cue, Scroll Scene, Enhanced Tempo Control, Scrub Clips, Change selected Clips Start/End Point)
    10) Track Selection buttons auto select currently playing clip and can also toggle between Track and Clip Views to quickly see that tracks FX racks.
    11) Template can be turned on/off using the Metronome button so can switch back to normal APC functionality at any point during set.
    12) Template has been built to be flexible so if you don't like the way I have set the tracks up or the FX racks themselves it uses you can simply delete them and the other features like instant looping, red box scrolling etc. will still work.
    13) Additionally and just for fun, the Cross Fader is connected to a track loaded with scratch samples along with a scratch FX panel to simulate Traktors Gater effect, but with added functionality. (As with point 12, if you don't like this you can simply delete it)

    I am not the greatest at documentation so if this all seems a little over complicated let me know and I will put together a video showing how it all works. Feedback is massively appreciated as I have only ever been able to test this on my mac.



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    Hi, do you think you could make a video of your template. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!
    MBP 13' 256 SSD 8Gb RAM. Traktor Scratch Pro 2.6.8 | MF Classic | NI Audio 2 | NI Audio 10 | CDJ1000MK3 (2) | Technics 1200MKII (4) | A&H Xone 92 (UK) | NI Kontrol F1 | Ipad 4 | Korg Kaoss Pad Mini | Ableton Live Suite.

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    Hi mate, I am hoping to get a video done soon, will keep you posted

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