More Music Suggestions (Carl Falk)
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    Ok so just found myself a new producer who makes techno the way i like it, fast, funky, percussive, GREAT!!

    Anyone else know of this guy who could provide similar suggestions ?

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    you could start by systematically going through all the artists he is label-mates with...

    that all sounds like loopy/tribal techno.
    ben sims, headroom, tom hades.
    loads of that kinda vibe from about 1996-2003

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    cheers yes i am doing that just wondered if anyone else was into this sort of stuff that could give any suggestions.

    Its specifically this kind of sound i'm after, really high energy stuff, as it appears that he has a pretty constant style where as the others you mention do make stuff like this but not all the time.

    Any suggestions welcomed

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