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    Default live bands and gridding...

    im having some troubles figuring out the grid feature in traktor pro. first and foremost, i find that when i set a cue point as a grid and try to move it to the right or left to fix the grid towards the end of the track, it moves the grid at the beginning of the track and sets it off. i believe there is something im over looking, but i cant get the grid synced perfectly through out the entire track.

    my next question pertains to live bands and gridding. obviously live bands dont have electronic precision in their tempo so im wondering, how have other djs have been able to navigate around this when using grids and live bands?

    ultimately how will the beat grids affect my loops and mixes if i make all cues/loops and set pitch/tempo in tracks prior to live mixing?

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    In regards to your first two questions please do a search on this forum. There are about ten threads already where a few of us have described, in depth, beat gridding. None of us want to bring it up again.

    You can't loop without beatgrids. You can set cue points but they might not be perfect. Beatgrids help fine tune and perfect your pitch for sync'ing. So if the beatgrids aren't perfect your mixing won't be perfect.
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    Live bands you need to either ....

    1 - ride the pitch

    2 - fix in ableton then export and use exported track int traktor

    3 - create a mix in loop and a mix out loop with there own seperate beatgrids
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