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    Default Another BPM not showing up thread

    ok i have been searching for about 2 hours, and im doing exactly what people are posting and it still doesn't work for me...maybe i'm missing something.

    I organize my music through Itunes *i buy the songs, drag into itunes*, making playlists and such

    traktor can play all your songs through itunes, we all know that. but after i play a song, the bpm doesnt get recorded.

    Ok, it makes sense to me, because the song are actually just an image after its been analyzed by traktor, so therefore traktor cant auto edit the id tag.

    ok, still with me?

    then i see people are saying, import all the songs from itunes library in traktor to 'traktor's collection' analyzed them. at this point all bpm's show up under "collection" tap.

    then refresh the itunes library...and it will show up....BUT IT DOESN'T.

    my goal to see all BPM when i click the itunes playlist in traktor.

    sorry for being long, i dont know how to explain it better.

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    If you want traktor to write tags you need to lock the grid, that forces it.

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