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    Hi everybody,

    My friends and I started DJ-ing at house parties a couple months ago and really got into it. So much so that we started asking around local venues to see if we could have the opportunity to play. Long story short... I met with a local owner who is interested in having us perform, but he needs us to have 'full production setup'... Being a newbie, I'm not exactly sure what's he's meaning. The only equipment that my friends and I have is our computers and controllers. He gave me a phone number of a guy to talk too, but I don't want to sound like a total idiot on the phone. Could the owner being talking about like a sound set up? Thanks for your help!

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    Yes, sound and maybe (probably) some sort of lighting.


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    well, he most likely mean speakers, lights etc if the bar doesn't have any, but thats not what a production setup is? i would just call the guy that he told you to talk to and ask about how big the speakers need to be, watts for the speakers if you need lights etc. mind you if you dont have speakers, a sub, or lights buying even half decent stuff is gonna run you around 1-2 grand. could probably keep it on the lower end with used stuff.

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