RPM 2012 Entry - Spread (EP)
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    Default RPM 2012 Entry - Spread (EP)

    This is my entry to the RPM challenge (Record an album in a month) for this year! The release of this EP marks my first 'official' release, 35+ minutes of free, downloadable tracks. This release also marks 1 year less a day since I started my venture into producing- you can even look back to my first song still on soundcloud if so inclined.

    It contains attempts at a few different genres, hence the name 'Spread', and maybe you'll find something in there you like! If you do, comment or follow me on Soundcloud or Facebook!


    Edit: The songs will automatically play in order in that widgit- you can click on the link to see them all.
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    As a fellow RPMer, I congratulate you.

    Is that LSDJ or Nanoloop in the intro loop for Land of Monsters?

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    Nice to see fellow RPM competitors! Thanks for the feedback!

    Land of Monsters is actually a completely original composition. Those opening glitch samples are a combination of self programmed glitches using noise generated from an old FM synthesizers (I use VOPM and some others for that old Yamaha, Sega Genesis vibe) and a loop in my collection that I chopped up and re-editted.

    Did you upload your RPM album anywhere?
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    Posted to soundcloud and linked to DJTT here

    Some deep glitch control then, very well done. I've been working with gameboy trackers for a little now, decided that this was the album to start breaking it out.

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