hi everyone,
does anyone know, how to update a Numark Total Control the proper way?
The problem is that, when I tried to get a new firmware running it seems like I managed to delete the old one, but I just don`t get the new .syx implemented.
I repeatedly tried to send the file using the Bomes application, and the TC reacted by lighting some buttons, but not the ones described in the manual.

When I disconnect and reconnect the device the bass and mid range EQ LEDs go on, which according to the manuals say: "fuck you this is a non-self-conscious dead device there is no syx to be found" So I contacted the customer service but my dear friend Jose from Numark seems to be about as consciuos as the device and writes non informative emails about unrelated topics, so I dont think that there is any help to be expected from that side.

Does anyone have a clue, if there might have been a problem using the bomes program or something like that?????