I'm newbie for this forums, This is my first thread. so then I'm sorry if i did anything wrong

I want to make my iphone as 'MF pro BeatMasher' (just for now) by using 'touchOSC' I got the mapping TSI file already but I just have no idea which buttons is which note or cc number.

I have created my own touchOSC layout already (same as MF BeatMasher)
and I need to know which note or cc number located in each buttons

so that if any who have MF BeatMasher, could you guys check its for me?

and please fill in (....) with note or cc

for e.g. (Filter) (FxPreset1) -------> (CC E2) (Note G-1)

(Filter) (FxPreset1)(FxPreset2) (FaderVertical)
(FxPreset3)(FxPreset4) (FaderHorizontal)


many thxs