I have been reading all of the articles on the NI forums and DJTT website about how the VCI-300MK2 was not compatible with Traktor Pro and that they were using Mini Translator to fix this problem. I have purchased the VCI-300 and I am trying to figure out if the problem has been fixed with Traktor Pro 2. I am able to Midi Learn fine to the controller but the problem that I am having is with the outputs. When I try to lets say map the play/pause out into the corresponding Midi note of C#2 another button lights up instead of play/pause button. Is this just user error on my part.

Add in Play/Pause to Note C#2
Add out Play/Pause to Note C#2
Controller Range 0 to 1
Midi Rance 0 -127

When I do this and press the Play/Pause button the Auto Tempo button which is Note F2 lights up.