Need help with dj/traktor setup
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    Default Need help with dj/traktor setup

    Hi guys,

    I'm fairly new to djing and want to get some advice.

    I have recently purchased 2x Numark NDX 400s and a Numark M6 mixer.
    They are all set up and work fine.

    I now have Traktor pro software and have purchased a Traktor Audio 2 sound card. I want to be able to use my external decks and mixer while using traktor on my laptop but just cant seem to do it.

    How should it all be wired up?
    I haven't got the time code cds. Do I need to buy them?
    How do I set it up on the software?

    Really appreciate any feedback guys


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    welcome to djtt

    ok to run traktor in external mode you will need 2 jack>rca cables to go from the audio 2 to a channel on the mixer. you then set the software to run in external mode and change the outputs accordingly. you cant use timecode with traktor pro only with Pro Duo and Scratch 2. You would need at least an Audio 4 (now discontinued) plus purchase the scratch upgrade to use the dvs functions.
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    Thanks Jester,

    The audio sound card came with the wires so I can try it now. Just wanted to know where abouts they go on the mixer.

    Should one wire (red&white) from A (audio output) go into channel 1 (line) and the other wire (red/white) from B (audio output) go into channel 2 (line).

    After this is connected how do I connect the external decks? Should they be connected to channel 1 & 2 in phono?

    Apologies if this sounds a tad silly

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    You cant use your cdjs with an audio 2,you need to get traktor scratch and an audio 4/6/8/10

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    Thanks for that.

    I went into a dj shop and they said to me I needed to buy traktor scratch duo 2 as a package in order for it to work.

    Is traktor scratch duo 2 the only software that will work for what I want to do? What is the best website for price?

    I also need to get an external mixer. I had the Numark M6 but it's too big for what I need to do.

    I already have numark ndx 400 cd decks and just wanted a standard mixer for around £100. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Thanks guys,


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