How does this DJ switch acapellas/instrumentals so fast
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    Default How does this DJ switch acapellas/instrumentals so fast

    I'm currently using Traktor, and he's using Serato (I think). What I don't understand his how he is able to switch from one acapella or instrumental almost instantaneously. If I were to do this, I would need some time to insert the new track, make sure the tempos are synced and hit the cue point at the perfect time. He manages to load sync the songs in a split second. I was thinking perhaps two acapellas were edited into one track so he only needed to cue point dance around but that would take a lot of preparation if you had to combine two acapellas which originally had different tempos. Perhaps some ableton bridge warping is involved?

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    Songs need to be in relatively the same, if not perfectly the same, BPM for this to be effective.
    He has cue points stored so all he needs to do is press the cue button in sync with the tempo.
    Or, he might have edited the songs himself. By editing the song, one can have the beginning of the song to be the beginning of the transition so all he or she needs to do is load the track to mix.
    I edit my songs so that it can be effectively used in set. Examples of edits include shortening, adding transitions within the song, adding mashups within songs and etc.

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