More Intricate Traktor Cue Programming
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    Default More Intricate Traktor Cue Programming

    Im making more use of the cue markers in Traktor but cant help but think of how additional features would be helpful to me.

    1) Color coding

    (I'd like the option to choose colors for cues I set so I can make a system that works for me and I could look at the track and see, red cue marker = kick kill, blue = hats start, etc)

    better yet...there is an option to set the track end indicator and I like that and think it can be expanded on.

    2) Popup menu fades that you could set intervals for on the upcoming cue marker you set.

    For example: I load and start track A and the 1st cue marker I set is 35sec into the track and its for a "bass drop". 4 seconds prior to the cue marker a popup window starts flashing in track A (just like a track end indicator) that the "bass drop" is coming in 4 seconds.

    You'd be able to set parameters for each cue. Maybe I want the popup to show 4 seconds before, maybe 4 beats, maybe four bars, etc.

    I think this would also help with the crowded text field for the cue marker area...I find myself having to abbreviate allot.

    Anybody else think they'd make use of this?

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    I agree with both actually and have been thinking of the color-coding idea for a while.

    Coloured cue points would be great for marking breakdowns and other places where you'd want to solo that deck (amongst other things).

    At the moment I've been getting by without this feature by using stored loops just like regular cue points (just with loop not set to "active" so that they play out) and then using the regular blue cue points as my "solo" marker.
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    Sounds like useful stuff. Please post them on the NI forums and give us a link so we can +1 the request.

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    Default - Official Traktor Pro Request Thread

    I beleive he posted a link in there

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