Hello guys, I'm new around here but been browsing for awhile. Seeing all of Ean's videos and tutorials and what not.
My names Rick and I've been getting into the whole digital DJ scene for the last couple of months, I purchased myself a used apc40 at a local shop for only 125$ (whoopwhoop). But I'm looking to actually get some more stuff to learn on as a DJ and keep my apc40 as a production piece.

Right now I'm seeing a great bundle on the DJTT store with the S2, and the headphones (Do not have a pair yet myself), along with that I want to pick up the midi fighter classic. That brings me to about ~800$

I am just wondering if this would be a great start to out with and go out to parties with and some local stuff here in town. I've been searching about the S2 for awhile now always having my eye on it but with the price drop now it just seems like yes go buy it. plus i hear you can switch the gain knobs to filters so thats a plus.

Just looking to know if this is going to be worth the money and if there might be anything else I'll be needing in the future.

Thanks Guys,