Timecode Pitch Bounces
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    Default Timecode Pitch Bounces

    Started using my Technics this week with traktor instead of straight vinyl but my question is...Is it normal for the pitch to move around...for example my pitch on the technics will be at 0% but in traktor it wont stay still at that the number it keeps going up and down for example : +.01;+.02,+.03;-.01;-.02;-.03 is this normal ?
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    I ain't a turntablist but I guess that's one of the joys of spinning vinyl. It's not exact science. The platter rotation is a mecanic process and thus, to me, it appears normal that it's not as precise as a Swiss watch.

    You didn't notice the pitch variations with a standard record, because no one can hear them, but now that you have a tempo displayed on a screen, it seems overwhelming. If i were you I wouldn't bother about it, you spun records without any problems before knowing this precision issue, why wouldn't you continue that way, even if now you spin on DVS.

    That's the price to pay if you want to look cool using turntables ;)
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    If I am playing a tune using DVS in traktor and my tune is basically 136bpm.

    With quartz lock on my M5G's, traktor will report that it is playing at 135.97 bpm with no fluctuations.

    Without quartz lock on, it will vary +/-0.03 bpm, in such a way as to make the second decimal place unreadable.

    If you wish to read the second decimal place then you need to turn on "stable bpm" under your deck options in traktor. However I do not use it because the readout lags when you do change the bpm, taking a while for traktor to recalculate the "stable" bpm value.
    Heck even without stable bpm on I find traktor bpm counter lags a bit.

    Personally when mixing DVS I change the bpm counter to just display the track bpm, I turn off the phase meter, I turn off the tempo fader display and I use the essential deck layout. Find all that shit distracting, making it harder for me to beatmatch by ear.

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