Hey guys,

i've been dj'ing for different hip hop acts for a few years but i've been getting booked more often these days since my buddies in a group called l'Assemblée just launched a new album and are touring a lot to promote it.

We've done two shows as part of the new tour and the new tunes have been kicking great but i'm looking for a way to mix things up a little bit... I have a few "BOOM" samples that i drop after a couple bangers, i have some custom samples also with the band's name, i destroy some breakdowns with my midi fighter (instant gratification) and i scratch with the 1-2-3-ah, fresh, ahhhh samples

Anyone have any other good samples to drop during a live rap set? also, i'm getting tired of the samples i use for scratching, which ones do you guys like?

here are my boys, in case you're wondering: