Anyone here own the DJM T1, questions about the sample deck control
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    Default Anyone here own the DJM T1, questions about the sample deck control

    Now that the price has dropped to where it should've always been, the DJM T1 is now very appealing. However my concern is with the sample decks. I've recently started using them to throw loop master drum loops into my sets for swapping rhythms and patterns. Is the sample deck audio just routed through deck A and B. Is there anyway to have EQ control over the sample decks like the S4? The T1 probably should've just left sample deck function out, too me they're useless unless you can actually have some EQ/volume control over them. I know some people might say you can use the individual volume/filter knob but that's not tight enough control for me.

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    The price has dropped? where? o.O cant see anywhere in the UK thats dropped it,

    EDIT: Just checked all the decent UK stockists, its still 1200+
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    I bought mine about 2 weeks ago for about 850 shipped. I also own an s4, and prefer it to the t1. Yes you can individually change the volume on the samples with a knob turn with the latest firmware update.
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