Ipad vs. Android. Music Production/DJ apps. Which is better?
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    Default Ipad vs. Android. Music Production/DJ apps. Which is better?

    I've saved up quite a bit of $$ and I've been wanting to get a tablet for quite some time. I've grown up with Windows and I love my Gnex and the android universe. The ASUS Transformer Prime looks quite sexy, and so does the Ipad 3. Besides the productivity boost of owning a tablet. I really want to use it for music production and DJing.
    I plan to soon get into DJing with Ableton and start shifting away from Traktor. I preordered a QueNeo, and I think a tablet would be an awesome accompanying performance tool. Lemur looks fucking sick for the ipad. I've read a lot from both sides about how its awesome, or how touchOSC and other apps are just as good in some senses. Any opinions on this? Does Lemur live up to the hype?

    Besides DJing, production tools? I use Ableton to Make my music. I haven't looked that far into what kind of apps are available with both OSes, is anything really worth it? Anything that I should look into to sway me in one way or another?

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    haven't look too much into anroid tablets, but lemur and imaschine kill it, so i think an ipad is the way to go. (will buy a v2 16gig in the next few days)
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    iMaschine and the FL studio app,
    Lemur / touch OSC for DJing, (depending how much you know about programming)

    iPad is the forerunner for a reason, i had the blackberry tablet but returned it, because the app store was nothing NEAR what apple's was.
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    Meta.DJ got my vote

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    I didn't even realize people seriously considered the android a contender in this area- not really a comparison.

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    I remember reading on Synthopia a while back that apparently the processing power on android platform is a ways off from iPads/iPhones when it comes to music production

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    I have an iPad 2.

    There are some great apps for audio on iOS. Far more than on Android. BUT... iOS is a terrible platform for power users. If you use Google apps in any way, it's nothing but frustration. I have an Android phone and really miss the Gmail, contacts sync, and general openness. I'm seriously looking at selling mine and getting a Transformer Prime. There's just loads of little things that really annoy. And apps are *really* crashy compared to Android.

    In summary: if you're only going to use this for DJing and music, go for it, but if not, go Android.

    @grim: I understand that iOS runs on CoreAudio.
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    I have the Korg IElectribe
    Its mad , basically a beat machine

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    on android right now, switching to iphone for music apps.
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    I always used Apple and ı couldnt find the scrren of apple's in any of android using machines.My friend got a Samsung Galaxy Note , yes the screen is awesome on colors but the touching feeling,response is shitty.( in my opinion) I used the iphone and ipad in my businees life and its just perfect.You can easily play on the dj programs on ipad even in iphone too.My vote goes to APPLE
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