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    Default Split Output and Cueing - Help!

    I'll cut straight to the chase.
    How can I play Track A out of speakers while I listen to Track B?

    I'm using:
    Traktor Pro 2
    Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition
    Skullcandy SK Pro

    ~Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not sure if you're on windows or mac?
    But its been talked about on here quite a lot.

    Anyway; I am going to assume you're on windows....
    1. Install ASIO4ALL / driver that may have come with the controller
    2. Plug in the controller
    3. Start up traktor
    4. Plug in your headphones into the headphone cue slot, and speakers into the master out
    5. Open up preferences in traktor
    6. Set Audio Device to ASIO4ALL
    7. Go into output routing>internal> and play around with the different outputs in there until sound comes out of the headphones and speakers accordingly
    8. ????
    9. Profit
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    Yeah no i've defintely tried that. Still no luck. I am running windows 7. Any other ideas?

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    Have you turned the mix knob next to volume in Traktor? Full left and you should only hear the cued track if your output routing is correct. Post a screen shot of your output routing.
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    Surely you'd set the audio device to the name of the controller, not the ASIO drivers? It might have Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition if that's what you mean?
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    Assuming your interface has two stereo outputs (four mono outputs) which it should since it's aimed at DJing:

    We'll refer to your outputs as 1 & 2 and 3 & 4. 1 & 2 are the outputs on the back, 3 & 4 are your headphone jack. Your outputs may actually be called something else, but they should either be numbered like this or labeled as "headphone" and "speakers" or something equivalent.

    Go to the Audio Setup tab in Traktor. Under Audio Device, choose your Reloop interface (I'm assuming you've already installed the drivers as you're a windows user and this should be your first step with any hardware you're using before you even plug it in). Under the Output Routing tab: Output Monitor set L as output 3 and R as output 4. Under Output Master set L as output 1 and R as Output 2. Test it (listening to track B will require you to activate the cue button in the software, FYI if you don't know this already). If it's not working as expected - say your cue output is playing over your speakers instead, just switch the outputs around - 1 and 2 for monitor and 3 and 4 for main. Also, read the manual. Not kidding.

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    - I Have already read the manual, and it doesn't speak of cueing or output set up.
    - I may have found the problem. The installation disk doesn't work on 64 bit computers. I got the asio driver and traktor pro seperately aside from installing via. promo software disk. The manual speaks of changing settings to "Reloop" during the disk installation process. With the Asio software setup, i wasn't given that option.
    - Here picture of my output:

    These are the devices I have to choose from

    These are the options I have direct to my controller.
    controller options.jpg

    These are output options with the ASIO Driver and my controller.

    These are the options I have with the ASIO Driver and my cpu speakers.
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    Nevermind! I got it to work finally. I don't know what it was but, I did it. Thanks for the responses and help!

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    I was talking about the manual for Traktor, which does talk about audio output routing. I'm glad you got it working but yes, your answer was in the manual.

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